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What To Do After a Car Accident?

by lauraramos | May 23rd, 2022 | Accidents, Car Accident Guides

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 205,948 people were injured in car accidents throughout 2020. That means a person was injured every 2 minutes and 34 seconds in a Texas car accident.

In other shocking statistics, the average driver across America will experience 3-4 car accidents in their lifetime. 

Knowing how to handle a car accident can make all the difference for you and your loved one. The personal injury lawyers in Austin at Ramos James Law, PLLC, would like to share tips on what to do after an accident based on their experience and knowledge as car accident attorneys.

Pull Over if Able & Check for Injuries

Feelings of shock and confusion after an accident are normal. Take your time to gather your thoughts; a calm, cool, and collected mind is needed to assess the situation. If applicable, provide reasonable aid to injured parties but refrain from moving anyone with severe injuries. 

Make sure to call emergency medical assistance and law enforcement as soon as possible. 

Call the Police

Not only is it required by law that you call the police if any injuries or serious property damage occurs, but it’s also recommended that you do so to gather evidence that may be vital for your accident claim.  

It’s crucial for you, as a victim, to contact the police and establish initial contact so that you can state the events that transpired in your own words. Also, ensure you request a copy of the police report for your records.

Gather Evidence and Essential Documentation of the Scene

While waiting on the police, gather the necessary documents you may need to defend your claim if it comes down to that. The following information is essential for building your case and accessing the damages: 

  • information of parties involved, including: name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number
  • vehicle information, including: make, model, year, color, license plate number, and vehicle identification number
  • positions of the vehicles at the crash, including landmarks and street signs
  • skid marks
  • any debris, including: vehicle parts, tree limbs, or other objects that were part of the accident
  • weather and road conditions
  • witness information
  • events that caused the accident

While gathering the information above, attempt to keep conversation with the other parties to a minimum to avoid making statements that they may use against your case or a possible altercation. 

Visit Your Doctor

Whether you or anyone involved in the accident was injured, always seek medical attention as soon as possible. Minor aches and pains, including whiplash, may prove to be a long-term injury that can be costly and reduce your quality of life.

Medical records are also a great source of documented evidence to authenticate damages sustained in the accident and can significantly improve your case.

Speak to Your Lawyer

It’s always best to contact an attorney before contacting your insurance company. Insurance companies are never on your side and may attempt to undervalue claims. Take advantage of a free consultation to ensure your rights to compensation are protected even in a minor accident.  

The team of attorneys defending you will ultimately be the last deciding factor for your case, so be sure to choose a compassionate and qualified attorney, like those at Ramos James Law, PLLC. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

While accepting a cash offer may be tempting, it’s best to notify your insurance company of the accident to avoid liability for any economic and non-economic damages caused by the collision.

Parties at fault may also attempt to claim victimhood and pursue a claim against you. Contacting your insurance can provide another source of evidence to strengthen your case and clear you of liability.

Establish Liability and Strengthen Your Case With Help From an Austin Car Accident Attorney

Depending on the accident’s severity, your ability to gather evidence may be minimal. Your Austin car accident attorneys can help you recover other substantial evidence to strengthen your case and establish liability.

A car accident can leave you with all kinds of questions like, “What do I do next?” 

Your car accident attorneys at Ramos James Law, PLLC, have the experience and information you need to stay protected from what’s to come after the initial catastrophe.

If you or a loved one were involved in an Austin car accident, contact the experienced car accident attorneys at Ramos James Law, PLLC, for guidance in collecting evidence and establishing liability to get the compensation you deserve.

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