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According to Childhelp, the United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations when it comes to child abuse. In fact, a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds in the U.S.

While nothing can ever make up for the harm a child faces, if your child was abused by someone, you may be able to file a civil suit for financial relief. Compensation may be available for medical bills, counseling, and pain and suffering.

Child abuse cases are not easy, which is why you should seek the help of a child abuse attorney with the proper experience and utmost compassion to guide you through this traumatic process. At Ramos James Law, PLLC, we can support you in your time of need. If you plan on seeking child abuse compensation in Travis County, our compassionate personal injury attorneys can help.

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What Counts as Child Abuse in Texas?

Child abuse includes any act that may endanger the emotional and/or physical well-being and development of a child, ranging from physical and sexual abuse to emotional abuse and neglect.

Physical Abuse

Physical child abuse is anything that causes intentional harm to the child:

  • Hitting a child
  • Kicking a child
  • Shaking a child
  • Burning a child


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Child Neglect

Neglect cases involve a parent or caretaker failing to give a child the proper items needed for their development or physical well-being, including:

  • Unsafe housing conditions
  • Inadequate nourishment or clothing
  • Negligent or nonexistent medical care
  • Improper supervision
  • Poor hygiene


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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse involves any form of sexual contact between an adult and a child:

  • Touching a child sexually
  • Forcing a child to touch an adult inappropriately
  • Flashing genitalia
  • Showing sexual images, videos, or games to the child
  • Forcing a child to watch sex acts
  • Any other form of sexual act or contact perpetrated or initiated by an adult involving a child


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Emotional Abuse

Emotional child abuse is when the abuser negatively impacts the child’s mental well-being or social capability:

  • Crude language, regardless of whether it is directed at the victim
  • Yelling
  • Name-calling
  • Mocking, humiliating, or degrading the child
  • Making the child feel worthless
  • Constant criticism
  • Behavior that results in serious mental injury


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Our Austin Child Abuse Attorneys Know the Signs of Child Abuse

A child abuse case presents us with many challenging tasks, including documenting and collecting evidence and signs of abuse. When someone makes child abuse allegations, professionals typically search for the following signs of abuse:

  • Recurring bruises or marks
  • Head trauma
  • Burns
  • Abnormal injuries not seen in a child’s particular age range
  • Injuries of inexplicable origins
  • Changes in behavioral patterns
  • Serious bodily injury

Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Child Abuse in Texas

Texas law requires that any individual with knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect must report it to the authorities as soon as possible. This reporting requirement is mandatory for every person, not limited solely to schoolteachers or physicians.

This law even extends to those whose personal communications may be confidential or privileged, such as doctors or nurses, members of the clergy, and even lawyers. If you are aware of child abuse in Austin, you should contact your local Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) office right away.

Suing for Child Abuse Damages in a Texas Civil Court

Like most other types of criminals, those accountable for child abuse can be tried in both criminal and civil courts. In criminal court, they may be sentenced to jail time, prison time, or probation. In civil court, they can be sued for damages caused by their harmful actions. Even if the abuser is not convicted, they can still be found liable in civil court. Damages for sexual abuse cases may include the following:

  • Personal injury
  • Lost income and other financial losses
  • Past and future trauma and emotional distress
  • Past and future medical, counseling, and psychiatric bills
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

Child abuse charges can range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. While misdemeanor child abuse charges may carry with them penalties ranging from a fine to imprisonment, felony child abuse charges may face prison sentences of up to 99 years in Texas. Felony charges are common in cases where children face serious bodily injury. You can talk to a prosecuting attorney to learn what criminal charges may be involved in your case.

Understanding Child Abuse: Who Can Be an Abuser?

Child abuse involves an adult perpetrator and a child victim, and adults in many different roles may be in a position to abuse a vulnerable child. While any adult could potentially commit child abuse, some types of adults have greater access to children without their parents. Some common perpetrators of child abuse include:

  • Teachers
  • Priests or pastors
  • Coaches
  • Scout leaders
  • Babysitters or childcare providers
  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Lawyers
  • Counselors

Whether the crime is committed by a person filling a role of authority or not, child abuse of all kinds is wrong both in a legal and moral sense. Your child should never have to suffer in silence because of child abuse. A child abuse lawyer can make sure that your child’s voice is heard.

Compassionate Child Abuse Attorneys Helping Survivors in Austin Find the Path to Justice & Healing

Since a child abuser does not always have the means, assets, or insurance to cover the cost of a victim’s injuries, it can sometimes be challenging for child abuse survivors to acquire compensation.

Our child abuse attorneys can look over all the options available for getting the financial recovery your child deserves. Civil compensation can help with the expenses related to your child’s health and future, including medical bills and counseling. Many child abuse victims are subject to serious mental injury in addition to physical harm, and civil compensation can help you pay for care.

If you suspect your child has suffered from child abuse, don’t wait to discover whether you have a case against the abuser. We will evaluate the details of your claim and advise you on the right way to proceed.

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