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Our law firm exclusively represents clients with personal injury claims. Several of those clients were referred to us by other lawyers who either do not handle personal injury claims or personal injury litigation or who do not have the experience or resources to handle these types of cases. The referring lawyer stays involved, and can help keep the client informed.

We feel honored that our colleagues have trusted us to handle their major injury cases. If you are a lawyer, and have a client with a personal injury case, we would love the opportunity to help. Our firm has the skills and experience to truly maximize the value of your client’s personal injury case. Our testimonials page, as well as any independent internet search, will reveal shinning reviews from our former clients.

Our law firm has the financial resources available to advance reasonable and necessary living expenses to your client, and all of the case expenses necessary to develop the case. We have access to a large network of every type of medical and engineering expert available to join our fight for justice. We can be part of a strong team and we hope you consider our law firm to help your client who has been injured through no fault of their own. Call 512-537-3369 today.

Fee Sharing Fees Rules

Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct 1.04(f) requires that the contract provides for the division of the fees, that the division of fees be disclosed to the client and agreed upon in writing, and that the lawyers assume “joint responsibility” for the case. Joint responsibility requires the referring attorney to 1) choose a competent handling attorney, 2) monitor the legal work, 3) inform the client about “those matters that a reasonable lawyer would believe the client should be aware of,” 4) assist the handling attorney when necessary. See Comment 13 to The Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct 1.04(f).

We look forward to helping you and your clients. If you have a case you want to discuss, you can reach us at 512-537-3369.

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Consider Referring Your Personal Injury Cases to Ramos James Law, PLLC

If you do not handle personal injury matters or only handle personal injury cases at the pre-litigation stage, your client deserves the experience and expertise we can offer. Our law firm has handled personal injury litigation during the entirety of her career, for both plaintiff and defense law firms, so we have the know-how necessary to zealously represent your client from start to finish.

If you are a solo practitioner handling a very large personal injury case or group of cases, but you are concerned that you don’t have the resources to try the case or fight the defendants to a fair settlement, you may want to consider referring the case to us. By referring the case to Ramos James Law, PLLC, you take the financial risk out of your own practice.

Or, perhaps a relative, friend, or former client has approached you with a personal injury matter because they know you are in the legal profession. You may never have handled a personal injury case before, but you want to make sure that this individual receives quality legal representation that will yield the very best results. If that is the case, keep us in mind. We are ready to help now. Call 512-537-3369 today.

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