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All car accidents are frightening, but some are more devastating than others. In September 1989, Alton experienced a devastating tragedy. A trucker who had recently been involved in an accident was allowed back behind the wheel of a commercial truck despite receiving only 10 hours of training from his father. The trucker’s vehicle collided with the back of an Alton school bus carrying 81 passengers. Tragically,  21 lives were lost forever.

To ensure that this tragedy doesn’t happen again, an overhaul of America’s bus safety regulations was made, but these accidents should never be allowed to occur in the first place. The Alton car accident attorneys of Ramos James Law, PLLC, are committed to helping victims of wrongdoing seek civil justice, and these experienced attorneys would be proud to represent you.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Considering the size of most vehicles and the high speed at which they travel, it’s no surprise that car accidents can cause injury to any part of the body. These injuries range from minor to life-threatening, but none should be taken lightly. Brain damage, loss of limb, and paralysis are all possible outcomes of a collision, and burns and lacerations, while they may sound less serious, can be life-threatening.

Seatbelts and airbags are meant to save lives, and while they do their job, they may cause damage to the chest, neck, or head in the process. Road rash, back injuries, and broken or shattered bones are all common injuries associated with car accidents as well. These injuries often come with incredibly expensive medical costs, so seeking compensation can be a must.

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The victims of wrongdoing deserve justice, and our attorneys will fight tirelessly for you and your loved ones. If you have been in an accident, you don’t have to face the insurance companies and legal system alone.

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