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One Dead, Two Injured Following an Ejection Car Accident Near Manor

by lauraramos | July 11th, 2023 | Accidents, Car Accident Reports

One individual is dead and another two are injured following a car accident near the Austin suburb of Manor early on Friday, July 7. Get the details of this crash and learn more about the dangers of ejection crashes from your Austin car accident attorneys.

The Ejection Car Accident

According to Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS), just before 1:20 a.m. on Friday, July 7, an accident occurred in the northbound lane of State Highway 130 near its intersection with Highway 290 in Manor, Texas. There were two vehicles and a total of three people involved in the crash.

The cause of the accident has not been reported at this time. Details of the event are subject to change as more information is released.

One of the vehicles ended up at least 100 feet down an embankment near the road as a result of the crash. 

During the incident, two people were ejected from one of the vehicles, and ATCEMS reports having to search for the victims upon arriving at the scene. Both of the ejected victims sustained serious injuries, with one of the victims sustaining life-threatening injuries. The third victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both the north and southbound lanes of SH130 near FM973 are closed for the ongoing police investigation.

How To Avoid Ejection Accidents: Buckle Up

The number one thing standing between you and a devastating ejection crash is your seatbelt. Seatbelts have been shown to drastically cut down the likelihood that an individual will be ejected during a crash. 

In fact, according to the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, for every 100 people wearing seat belts at the time of a crash in 2019, less than one is ejected. In comparison, more than one out of every 4 unbelted passengers were ejected during a crash. 

This means you’re more than twenty-five times more likely to be ejected when you’re not belted in. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually put this figure even higher, estimating that unbelted victims are 30 times more likely to be ejected.

For those who are ejected from vehicles, the results are also much more likely to be deadly. More than 80% of passengers who were fully ejected from their vehicles in 2019 were killed as a result. For reference, less than 1% of all car accidents are deadly, meaning ejection crashes are far more deadly than non-ejection crashes.

While ejection crashes should be almost entirely preventable, these incidents are actually on the rise. In 2020, the number of ejection crashes in the U.S. increased by a whopping 20%, bumping up unbuckled fatalities by 15%, and that trend continued into 2021.

All of this goes to show the importance not only of wearing your seatbelt yourself, but also encouraging passengers, friends, and family to do so as well.

If you’ve been injured in an Austin car accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine what you may be owed.

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Source: FOX7 Austin, CBS Austin