Five Hospitalized After Major Austin Car Accident

May 20th, 2024

Five individuals were hospitalized on May 17 after a major car accident in Austin. Knowing what to do in case of an accident is essential for keeping yourself as safe and protected as possible should a crash occur. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Austin car accident and what to do after a car accident according to the team here at Ramos James Law, Austin car accident lawyers.

The Austin Car Accident

On the morning of Friday, May 17, there was a major collision near the 1000 block of South Interstate 35 in Austin. Some reports state that the crash occurred on the I-35 bridge over Lady Bird Lake. A total of six vehicles were involved, including at least one semi-truck.

Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS) initially stated that a total of 13 people were involved with nine being hospitalized. However, a later report stated that a total of 18 people were involved with five being uninjured, nine being evaluated, and four refusing transport. 

In the updated report, ATCEMS stated that five people were hospitalized with minor injuries, including four adults and one child.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Austin

After a car accident, keeping yourself calm and following the right steps can be essential to preventing further danger and ensuring your eventual ability to make a successful claim for compensation.

If you’ve been involved in an Austin car accident, follow the steps below to keep yourself as safe as possible:

  • Stay in Your Car – Unless it’s on fire or flooding, your car is the safest place you can be on the scene of a crash.
  • Check for Injuries – Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Avoid moving injured people. If you are injured, ask someone else for help with the steps below.
  • Call for Help – Call 9-1-1 or have someone else call for you.
  • Move to a Safe Place – If your car is operational, move it out of the way of traffic. If not, wait until traffic is totally clear and exit your vehicle, moving as far from traffic as possible.
  • Wait for Emergency Services – Unless they are injured, avoid interacting with others on the scene until emergency services arrive.
  • Exchange Information – Once emergency responders have arrived, you can exchange insurance and contact information with all others involved in the crash.
  • Gather Evidence – Take pictures or videos of all relevant factors and damage, and get contact information from potential witnesses.
  • Contact an Attorney – Before contacting your insurance adjuster, contact an attorney to confirm the right path for your claim.

Remember that after an accident, safety comes first. Don’t follow any steps that will put you in danger, and take necessary precautions to prevent further harm. Along with the steps you should take, you should also be aware of the things you shouldn’t do, such as posting revealing information on social media or making statements to your insurance company.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Austin, an Austin car accident attorney can help you defend your rights.

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