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Attorney Laura Ramos James Awarded Woman Leader of the Year – Revelation Woman 2022

by lauraramos | July 26th, 2022 | News

On July 24, 2022, AMHIGA held its annual EXPO AMHIGA event where more than 70 local businesses and hundreds of members of the Hispanic community got together to support small business and entrepreneurs as well as honor and celebrate those who have made an impact with their contributions.

AMHIGA, a non profit organization founded in 2014 focusing on empowering and propelling Hispanic women in Austin to achieve a holistic development and success. AMHIGA focuses on the areas of physical, mental and emotional health, social and financial health. Its mission is to encourage and support Spanish-speaking women to enhance their skills, giving them the necessary tools and educational resources so that they can achieve their goals through their own initiatives. Helping them develop and integrate into the community, raising their quality of life and that of their family.

This year, our Attorney Laura Ramos James was a proud honoree and recipient of the Woman Leader of the Year – Revelation Woman of the Year 2022 Award for her contributions  to the Hispanic women community in Austin.

“AMHIGA is one of my favorite non profits to support,” said Laura, “It is something I truly enjoy doing. Getting recognition for doing what you love next to incredible and inspiring women is just the cherry on top. I am humbled to have been chosen amongst so many other wonderful fellow local Latina entrepreneurs.” Laura hopes to be able to support to a greater degree, involving more members of her staff, in the years to come with the rapid growth of her law firm.

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