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Brenda Nieto was born and raised in the city of Tampico, Tam, Mexico, but has lived in the Austin Texas area for the past 9 years. She studied Medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, graduating from the academic portion in 2011. After her graduation, she moved to Austin with her lovely husband and son to start a new life.

In 2015, Brenda was a victim of a terrible accident against an 18-wheeler in which she suffered major injuries and had to go through a long recovery that put her life on pause for several years. From there, Brenda realized the growing desire to help all those who were living in a similar situation. It was not long before she decided to shift her professional path and explore the legal field. She started working in the area of personal injury in 2018. Brenda has put forth all her time and effort to learn everything necessary to be able to help other injury victims. Brenda has an incredible ability to understand the suffering and frustration that personal injury victims experience. She is always willing to listen. Call us now at 512-537-3369 so that our team can help with your injury case.