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Three-Vehicle Crash in NE Austin Results in Two Injuries

by lauraramos | October 1st, 2022 | Accidents, Car Accident Reports

Two people sustained injuries after a three-vehicle collision in Northeast Austin on September 28th. The accident occurred at approximately 4:10 p.m. just north of the intersection of Dassau Road and East Braker Lane.

Seven people were involved in the crash, but only two adults needed transportation to the hospital according to Austin-Travis County EMS. One had potentially serious injuries and was taken to St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. The other adult had non-life-threatening injuries, but it was not reported where this person was taken to.

According to the ATCEMS Twitter account, one person was entrapped and a second ambulance was called to the scene.

Understanding Road Safety

Driving safely every time you are on the road can help protect you from the risk of being in a multi-vehicle accident. While these types of crashes are dangerous, you can stay safer with some helpful tips:

  • avoid aggressive driving – 66% of fatalities occur due to aggressive driving
  • keep your distance and maintain at least four car lengths between you and large trucks
  • keep your movements smooth; sudden lane changes or quick turns can cause a crash
  • don’t drive intoxicated, tired, or distracted
  • stick to the posted speed
  • slow down in bad weather, congestion, and construction zones
  • move over if you see an emergency vehicle or drop down 20 m.p.h. below the posted limit if you can’t safely move over
  • use your signals for every turn and lane change
  • always stop at stop signs and red lights
  • look both ways before you enter any intersection

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Source: CBS Austin