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One Dead After Vehicle-Motorcycle Crash in Austin

by lauraramos | March 13th, 2023 | Abogado en accidentes, Accidents, Auto Accidents, Car Accident Reports

A vehicle-motorcycle crash just before 9:40 p.m. on March 13th resulted in the death of one. It was reported that a 911 caller found the motorcyclist unresponsive at the scene of the accident. 

Austin-Travis County EMS medics responded to the accident, which took place at 4300 Ganymede Drive in northwest Austin. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead while the vehicle driver was unharmed. 

The investigation is ongoing.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles are well known for being one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Part of the problem is people not knowing how to drive them appropriately while another issue is other drivers not being considerate of motorcyclists.

If you want to enjoy safer motorcycle rides, here’s what you should do:

  • Drive Carefully: Driving between lanes or sharing a lane with another motorcycle are both dangerous. Stay where you can be seen by other drivers.
  • Inspections: Regularly inspect your motorcycle and complete any maintenance needed. Even running down a short checklist can help prevent accidents.
  • Wear Safety Gear: Helmets are the single most important protective equipment as they protect your head (and brain) from critical impacts that could easily kill you. Other protective gear, such as eyewear, jackets, and appropriate riding pants, can protect you from injuries like road rash.
  • Ride Sober and Undistracted: You should never operate any vehicle if you’re even a bit tipsy. If you enjoy music while you ride, make sure you set it before you leave. 
  • Take Training Courses: Even after you obtain your license, you can still improve your riding technique. Take safety classes and learn how to handle common dangers like distracted drivers or losing control. 

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Source: KXAN Austin