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Pedestrian Killed in Travis County Car Accident

Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2023 at 12:14 pm    

One person died in a pedestrian car accident in Travis County on July 19. Learn more about the incident and the dangers of Texas pedestrian car accidents from your Austin car accident attorneys at Ramos James Law.

The Deadly Pedestrian Accident

Authorities with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) report that one person died in a pedestrian-car accident in southern Travis County on Wednesday, July 19. Authorities responded to the incident at around 10:20 a.m. on Wednesday morning on Farm-to-Market Road (FM) 1327.

The collision occurred on FM 1327 near Turnersville Road outside Buda. The incident involved a single vehicle and a single pedestrian. The driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene of the crash to render aid. The pedestrian died at the scene.

Texas DPS reported that the investigation was still ongoing as of Thursday morning.

How Dangerous Are Pedestrian Accidents in Texas?

The human body is simply not meant to put up with the sorts of forces that come with being struck by a fast-moving vehicle. This makes pedestrian car accidents incredibly dangerous. According to data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there were a total of more than 8,000 pedestrian- and bicyclist-auto accidents in Texas in 2022. Out of those accidents, 917, or just over 11%, resulted in a fatality. For comparison, less than 1% of all car accidents result in at least one death. 

This means pedestrian car accidents are well over ten times more likely to result in a fatality compared to other car accidents.

We find similar results when it comes to how likely you are to be seriously injured in a pedestrian crash. While just 3% of all car accidents lead to a suspected serious injury in Texas in 2022, a whopping 21% of pedestrian- and bicyclist-auto accidents lead to the same kinds of injuries.

Tips for Sharing the Road With Pedestrians

As you can see, pedestrian-car accidents have the potential to be far more dangerous than other types of car accidents, this makes being careful when you’re on the road in pedestrian areas all the more important. 

When driving in areas where pedestrians are common, you can follow these tips to keep yourself and everyone else safe:

  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians at all times
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop
  • Use extra caution at night or in bad weather
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Never pass at a crosswalk
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Never drive under the influence
  • Take extra care when reversing

If you’ve been injured in a Texas pedestrian-car accident, an Austin car accident attorney can help you learn about your options.

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Source: KXAN

One Dead, Two Injured Following an Ejection Car Accident Near Manor

Posted on Tuesday, July 11th, 2023 at 12:00 am    

One individual is dead and another two are injured following a car accident near the Austin suburb of Manor early on Friday, July 7. Get the details of this crash and learn more about the dangers of ejection crashes from your Austin car accident attorneys.

The Ejection Car Accident

According to Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS), just before 1:20 a.m. on Friday, July 7, an accident occurred in the northbound lane of State Highway 130 near its intersection with Highway 290 in Manor, Texas. There were two vehicles and a total of three people involved in the crash.

The cause of the accident has not been reported at this time. Details of the event are subject to change as more information is released.

One of the vehicles ended up at least 100 feet down an embankment near the road as a result of the crash. 

During the incident, two people were ejected from one of the vehicles, and ATCEMS reports having to search for the victims upon arriving at the scene. Both of the ejected victims sustained serious injuries, with one of the victims sustaining life-threatening injuries. The third victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both the north and southbound lanes of SH130 near FM973 are closed for the ongoing police investigation.

How To Avoid Ejection Accidents: Buckle Up

The number one thing standing between you and a devastating ejection crash is your seatbelt. Seatbelts have been shown to drastically cut down the likelihood that an individual will be ejected during a crash. 

In fact, according to the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, for every 100 people wearing seat belts at the time of a crash in 2019, less than one is ejected. In comparison, more than one out of every 4 unbelted passengers were ejected during a crash. 

This means you’re more than twenty-five times more likely to be ejected when you’re not belted in. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually put this figure even higher, estimating that unbelted victims are 30 times more likely to be ejected.

For those who are ejected from vehicles, the results are also much more likely to be deadly. More than 80% of passengers who were fully ejected from their vehicles in 2019 were killed as a result. For reference, less than 1% of all car accidents are deadly, meaning ejection crashes are far more deadly than non-ejection crashes.

While ejection crashes should be almost entirely preventable, these incidents are actually on the rise. In 2020, the number of ejection crashes in the U.S. increased by a whopping 20%, bumping up unbuckled fatalities by 15%, and that trend continued into 2021.

All of this goes to show the importance not only of wearing your seatbelt yourself, but also encouraging passengers, friends, and family to do so as well.

If you’ve been injured in an Austin car accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine what you may be owed.

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Source: FOX7 Austin, CBS Austin

The Top 3 Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents

Posted on Saturday, July 1st, 2023 at 12:00 am    

Distracted driving crashes are on the rise for a wide number of reasons, including the spread of technology in our everyday lives. This is especially true in large cities, where distracted driving accidents occur much more frequently.  

So, what are some of the common causes of distracted driver crashes, and is there anything that can be done? The Austin distracted driver accident attorneys at Ramos James Law, PLLC, have the answers you need.

Why Distracted Driving Accidents Can Happen

1. Talking and Texting

Both talking on a cell phone and texting count as distracted driving and have led to many distracted driving car crashes in Texas. Consider the following: 

  • If you’re going 55 mph and you take 5 seconds to respond to a text, you’ll cover the length of a football field by the time you look up
  • Texting while driving is illegal everywhere in Texas
  • In Austin, it is illegal to drive while using a phone, tablet, or other devices to view, send, or compose electronic messages while moving 
  • The best way to avoid it is to turn off your phone when driving and avoid drivers with a phone in their hand while in motion
  • About 27% of all car crashes involve cell phone use

2. Eating

Eating while driving requires you to take your hands off the wheel and attention off the road. While it isn’t illegal to eat and drive in Texas, a driver can still be arrested if it could be proven that their distracted driving accident was caused by eating and not properly controlling the vehicle.

Keep the following in mind: 

  • Having only one hand available to drive can make avoiding a crash more difficult
  • Eating and driving are common in the mornings and evenings but you may see it at any time
  • Always pull over to eat and watch out for drivers that aren’t paying attention to the road due to a meal
  • About 1 in 5 accidents are distracted driving crashes, which include eating and driving

3. Tending to Kids or Animals in the Car

Reaching back to comfort a child can easily lead to a crash, as most Austin car accident attorneys know. Animals can also be distracted, especially as a loose animal can easily take your eyes off the road.

Consider the following: 

  • Taking your hands off the wheel to catch an animal or tend to a child can easily lead to an accident
  • School pickup and dropoff times are the most dangerous for this type of distraction in Austin
  • Give kids snacks and toys before you leave and keep animals in a restraint or cage when driving
  • At 25 mph, an unrestrained dog will hit passengers and the interior of the vehicle at a force equal to 40 times its weight, which can prove fatal to humans and animals

Were You in a Distracted Driver Crash? Trust the Austin Car Accident Attorneys at Ramos James Law.

If you were hurt in an Austin accident caused by a distracted driver, you don’t need to struggle on your own. Ramos James Law, PLLC, is here to fight for you. We’re ready to answer your questions and support you as you seek out compensation for your injury.

Don’t wait around until the statute of limitations runs out. Contact us and see how we can help in your distracted driving accident case.

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Deadly Three-Vehicle Crash in Brownsville Under Investigation

Posted on Friday, May 5th, 2023 at 12:00 am    

One man was killed in Brownsville on the night of May 3rd after a three-vehicle crash. The accident happened at around 8:30 p.m. on Price Road near the Brownsville Independent School District Administration Building.

The 30-year-old victim was driving a gray SUV when it was hit by another SUV. The impact caused the car to roll over, resulting in the death of the victim. Two other vehicles were also involved in the crash.

The Brownsville Police Department is still investigating the incident.

The Dangers of SUV Rollovers

The higher center of gravity in SUVs puts them at a greater risk of rolling over. Passengers, luggage, and other weight are ultimately above the vehicle’s center of gravity, which makes SUVs less stable and easier to tip over compared to sedans and other passenger cars.

Even without extra weight, the engine and other heavy componenets are still higher than the center of gravity. This means that a collision, bump in the road, or evasive maneuver can tip them over.

Rollovers and Their Dangers to SUV Occupants

A rollover crash occurs whenever a car lands on its side or roof; landing on the roof is typically more deadly and the roofs of SUVs are typically weaker than other models of passenger vehicles. 

Since they are weaker, they can easily be crushed during a rollover. This can injure passengers and result in head injuries as it collapses inward. If metal or glass breaks, it is also possible that passengers can suffer cuts or punctures that can be life-threatening. 

Rollovers can make it difficult or impossible for the occupants to get out on their own. Any delays in medical care after an accident can result in worse outcomes, including death. 

How To Pick a Safer SUV

If you want to pick out an SUV, it’s best that you look up the crash safety ratings for the model and year you’re considering. Even if the roof strength isn’t rated, a good side crash rating can mean the roof is fairly strong. The A and B pillars of a vehicle not only keep side and front impacts from intruding into the passenger compartment but also support the roof.

If you’re buying a used SUV, make sure you have the structure of the vehicle checked. It’s possible a previous crash may have weakened the pillars and they may fail in the event of a rollover. 

Thankfully, manufacturers are improving the safety of their SUVs every year. While many popular models still have weak roofs, new technology such as active roll bars is able to help prevent the vehicle from tipping over in the first place. 

Crash testing is also constantly improving and can help you decide on the safest model. You can also opt for additional driver training to help you learn how to keep better control of your vehicle. Even the best drivers can benefit from a refresher!

Trust the Experienced Car Accident Lawyers at Ramos James Law

If you have been involved in a car crash in Brownsville, it’s important to seek out the support and legal services of a qualified car accident attorney to help you obtain the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Let Ramos James Law fight for you. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you!

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Source: KRGV, Valley Central

Car Hits and Kills Bicyclist Near Lamar Boulevard

Posted on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 at 12:00 am    

A collision near the intersection of North Lamar Boulevard and 12th Street on the morning of April 18th resulted in the death of a cyclist. 

According to a tweet by Austin-Travis County EMS, an individual was declared dead at the scene of an auto-pedestrian accident around 8:30 a.m. The bicyclist had been riding north on the sidewalk when they fell off their bicycle and onto the roadway.

The bicyclist died at the scene while the driver of the truck stayed and was cooperative, according to the Austin Police Department. This incident was the 31st fatal crash in Austin in 2023.

The investigation is still ongoing.

The Dangers of Vehicle-Cyclist Collisions

Being hit by any vehicle is devastating, but the forces are much worse if you don’t have the protection provided by a car. Unfortunately, in many Texas cities, there are few bike lanes and one mistake can put a cyclist in serious danger. 

Multiple studies have found that taller vehicles, like pickups and SUVs, are involved in fewer crashes but cause more fatalities. 

Using two years of crash data from Illinois (Edwards and Leonard 2022), the study found that smaller passenger cars like sedans were involved in 62% of pedestrian and bicyclist crashes but caused only 38% of the fatalities. On the other hand, taller vehicles were only responsible for 26% of crashes but made up 44% of the fatalities.

Another study follows this by showing SUVs, pickups, and vans caused a greater proportion of severe injuries (+21.1%) to bicyclists compared to smaller vehicles. The ratio of fatalities was also far greater at +50.6%.

According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, impacts with shorter vehicles like sedans are less likely to be fatal. SUVs, however, create impacts that can cause severe injuries even if the cyclist isn’t run over. The forces of the crash transfer to the ground and cause more severe head injuries compared to what can happen during an impact with a smaller car. The higher front end of SUVs causes both bicyclists and pedestrians to be thrown forward and down. 

The shape of the front end is really what makes SUVs, pickups, and other large vehicles so dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians. The flat front end works much like a big hammer, transmitting large amounts of force directly into the bicyclist. 

While cars have had their front ends designed to reduce the injuries if a pedestrian or cyclist gets hit, this hasn’t really translated to larger vehicles.

Your Austin Attorney Is Here To Help

If you or a loved one have been involved in an auto-pedestrian accident, do not hesitate to reach out to the attorneys at Ramos James Law. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you secure justice for the damages you have suffered.

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Source: KXAN

One Dead After Vehicle-Motorcycle Crash in Austin

Posted on Monday, March 13th, 2023 at 12:00 am    

A vehicle-motorcycle crash just before 9:40 p.m. on March 13th resulted in the death of one. It was reported that a 911 caller found the motorcyclist unresponsive at the scene of the accident. 

Austin-Travis County EMS medics responded to the accident, which took place at 4300 Ganymede Drive in northwest Austin. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead while the vehicle driver was unharmed. 

The investigation is ongoing.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles are well known for being one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Part of the problem is people not knowing how to drive them appropriately while another issue is other drivers not being considerate of motorcyclists.

If you want to enjoy safer motorcycle rides, here’s what you should do:

  • Drive Carefully: Driving between lanes or sharing a lane with another motorcycle are both dangerous. Stay where you can be seen by other drivers.
  • Inspections: Regularly inspect your motorcycle and complete any maintenance needed. Even running down a short checklist can help prevent accidents.
  • Wear Safety Gear: Helmets are the single most important protective equipment as they protect your head (and brain) from critical impacts that could easily kill you. Other protective gear, such as eyewear, jackets, and appropriate riding pants, can protect you from injuries like road rash.
  • Ride Sober and Undistracted: You should never operate any vehicle if you’re even a bit tipsy. If you enjoy music while you ride, make sure you set it before you leave. 
  • Take Training Courses: Even after you obtain your license, you can still improve your riding technique. Take safety classes and learn how to handle common dangers like distracted drivers or losing control. 

Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Ramos James Law, PLLC, Will Fight for You

If you have been in a motorcycle or other vehicle accident, you don’t need to navigate your situation alone. The team at Ramos James Law will fight to help you secure a fair settlement for the damages you have suffered as the result of another party’s fault. 

We offer free consultations so you can learn about your legal rights at no risk to you. Should you decide to work with our team, know that we only get paid when you do!

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Source: KXAN Austin

Child Loses Their Life, Adult Seriously Injured After Auto-Pedestrian Collision

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 at 12:00 am    

An auto-pedestrian collision in north Austin killed a child and seriously injured an adult on Saturday, February 4, at approximately 4:24 p.m.

The Austin Police Department responded to the scene in the 900 block of North Meadows Drive. The adult was taken to Dell Seton with serious injuries while the child was declared deceased at the scene. 

The area around the crash site — North Meadows Drive and Newmont Road — was closed for a time while the scene was cleared.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Children

In 2019, 15,011 children were injured and 359 were killed in auto-pedestrian collisions nationally. This means that the average week saw 289 nonfatal injuries and 7 deaths among children ages 0-19. 

Males made up about 64% of all fatalities and children aged 12 to 19 were three times more likely to be killed than children 11 and younger. Children 0-4 were two times more likely to die than kids aged 5-14 when data from 2017-2020 was analyzed. 

During the years 2017-2020, American Indians/Alaskan Natives had the highest rate of child deaths at 2 per 100,000 children. Black children had a fatality rate of 1.1, Hispanic children had a rate of 0.8, white children were at 0.6, and Asian children were the lowest at 0.3 deaths per 100,000 children. 

Over half (59%) of fatal accidents occurred at night and 76% of pedestrian deaths occurred outside of marked crosswalks. Children and adolescents in non-metro areas were 1.4 times more likely to die than their peers in metro areas. 

The total cost of child pedestrian accidents was $2.2 billion in 2017. $1.8 billion of this was because of work-loss causes while $425 million went to medical costs.

How To Prevent Pedestrian Deaths

Reducing auto-pedestrian accidents can help to keep pedestrians of all ages safe. What follows are a few environmental changes cities can implement that can help reduce injuries and fatalities:

  • Use overpasses, underpasses, and barriers to separate pedestrians from traffic. 
  • Install streetlights to make pedestrians more visible at night.
  • Enforce speed limits.
  • Reduce both distracted driving and distracted walking.
  • Construct additional marked crosswalks to help prevent injuries and allow more places to safely cross the road.

Ramos James Law, PLLC Is Here To Help After an Auto-Pedestrian Accident

Because of the sheer difference in size and weight, pedestrians suffer greatly in auto collisions. Deaths and serious injuries are very common and frequently leave the victims and their families struggling with the emotional, physical, and financial effects.

Whether you suffered a serious injury, or you’re fighting for an injured or loved one who lost their life, our auto accident lawyers are here for you. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve to stay afloat during this trying time. 

The sooner we get to work, the more we can help. Call us or use our online contact form today so our caring lawyers can get you compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial costs.

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Source: KXAN Austin

A Crash on SH-130 Near COTA has Resulted in One Fatality

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 at 12:00 am    

One person was killed after their car crashed into the concrete pillars supporting the Elroy Road overpass. The Texas Department of Public Safety responded to the scene of the accident at around 12:30 A.M. on January 24th. 

The vehicle was a Chevrolet Corvette and the driver was the only occupant according to DPS. The Corvette was traveling north on SH-130 when it left the roadway and struck the obstruction. Lanes were closed until approximately 7 A.M. 

The cause of the accident is currently unknown, though DPS reminded drivers about the importance of being alert and sober when driving.

Reasons Behind Left-the-Roadway Crashes

If you read the news often, you may notice just how often cars seem to leave the roadway and crash. There are a few common reasons for these types of accidents and ways to stay safer.

1. Driving While Intoxicated or Drowsy

While these are technically different causes, both have a similar level of risk as both affect your reaction time. When under the influence, your reaction time decreases significantly, meaning you may not have the ability to react accordingly to a dangerous situation.

Falling asleep while at the wheel frequently results in going off the roadway or into oncoming traffic. 

Remember to be sober and well-rested when driving. If you feel too tired, pull over or call someone to get you. If you intend to drink, make sure you have a ride arranged ahead of time.

2. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is another big cause of single-vehicle accidents. Checking your phone, fiddling with the radio, or reaching for something you dropped all require you to take your eyes off the road. Other common distractions include fixating on something on the side of the road or tending to children. 

If you aren’t looking at the road, there’s a chance you won’t notice any accident in front of you. Be sure to stay focused, stay off your phone, and take steps like setting your radio before you leave.

3. Road Conditions

Road conditions can also cause you to end up in a ditch. For instance, rainy weather can make the road slick and make it more difficult for tires to maintain traction, which can cause issues with maintaining control.

Ice and spills on the road can also reduce traction in a similar manner. Poorly maintained roads or the dirt roads found commonly in rural areas can also be hazardous. 

It’s always better to slow because of bad road conditions than to risk a crash.

4. Poor Visibility

Many accidents happen at night due to reduced visibility. As you can’t see as far at night, there’s an increased likelihood that you may run into unseen obstacles. Rural roads can also lack reflectors, which makes it harder to see where the pavement ends. It’s also possible to lose visibility due to fog or bright lights from oncoming traffic.

If you can’t see clearly, drive slowly until you can see far enough to give you time to react.

If You’ve Been in an Accident, Ramos James Law Is Here To Help

Any accident can leave you in pain and struggling financially due to medical bills, lost wages, and more. The best way to get compensation is to hire an experienced lawyer, like those at Ramos James Law, PLLC. 

While not all single-vehicle crashes are the result of another party’s fault, we can offer a free consultation so you can better understand whether or not your situation warrants a lawsuit.

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Source: KXAN Austin

Alcohol Found in Vehicles Involved in a Fatal Crash

Posted on Saturday, January 7th, 2023 at 12:00 am    

On January 7th at approximately 11 p.m., the Taylor Police Department responded to the city’s first fatal crash of the year. The car accident involved two vehicles.

A Chevrolet pickup traveling south drifted into the northbound lanes and collided with a GMC Yukon. The driver of the Chevrolet was pronounced dead at the scene while the two occupants of the GMC were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. 

During the investigation, it was discovered that both vehicles contained open containers of alcoholic beverages according to a news release from the police department. 

The police are currently awaiting a toxicology report from the Medical Examiner to determine if intoxication played a role in the crash.

The Dangers of Intoxicated Driving

Driving under the influence was connected with about 24% of all fatal car crashes in Texas during 2021, which accounted for 1,029 deaths. Sadly, this comes to approximately one death every 8.5 hours. 

Additionally, there were 25,261 crashes connected to drunk driving with 2,522 people being seriously injured. This makes drunk driving accidents one of the deadliest types of crashes in the state.

The legal blood alcohol limit for driving is 0.08, after which you can be arrested for drunk driving. The punishment for this crime will increase if you commit this crime repeatedly. 

A first offense may result in a $2,000 fine, up to 180 days in jail, loss of your license, or a combination of these penalties. Additional offenses will result in more severe consequences, which can include up to 10 years in prison. Judges can also require additional fines. 

If a minor under the age of 15 is involved in the accident, the offender can also be charged with child endangerment, additional jail time, higher fees, or losing their license for a longer amount of time. 

How To Avoid Drunk Driving

The absolute best way to avoid drunk driving is simply to avoid driving after consuming alcohol. Instead, catch a ride with a friend or via a shared-ride app.

Unfortunately, many people do not accurately judge how intoxicated they are and may still drive even if they are well over the legal alcohol limit. 

Setting up a designated driver ahead of a night out is a good idea. If you are out with friends, be sure your driver is completely sober.

If you’re worried about being hit by a drunk driver, avoid driving late at night. Many drunk drivers head out a few hours after the local bars open and you’ll likely run into them after the last call, which is typically between 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. 

Try to keep yourself off the roads during these times. If you must drive, be sure to watch for erratic drivers. 

Were You the Victim of a Drunk Driving Accident? Contact Ramos James Law

Being hit by a drunk driver can change your life, resulting in permanent injuries or even death. But you don’t need to accept what happened. An Austin auto accident attorney like Ramos James Law, PLLC, can help. 

We have experience in auto accident lawsuits and know the best way to help you. We can make sure you get the justice you are entitled to and offer free consultations so you can learn about your next steps at no risk.

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I-35 NB Blocked Twice in Two Days by Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2022 at 11:00 pm    

At approximately 6:30 a.m. on November 9th, Round Rock Police Department had units respond to two multi-vehicle accidents on I-35 NB south of McNeil Rd. The very next morning, another multi-vehicle crash resulted in the closure of all but one lane.

The first pair of accidents involved 15 vehicles and resulted in one person going to the hospital with minor injuries. 10 of the affected vehicles needed to be towed away from the scene. Traffic was restricted to one lane for two hours while the scene was cleared. 

The next morning, two further multi-vehicle crashes occurred between Round Rock Avenue and McNeil Rd. 12 vehicles were involved and one person had to go to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Nine vehicles had to be towed from the scene and one car briefly caught fire. 

This section of I-35 is currently undergoing construction to widen it. 

The Facts About Construction Site Accidents

Accidents are sadly common around construction zones. In 2020 alone, there were 44,240 people injured with 857 fatalities in crashes around work zones. Of these deaths, 479 occurred in or near construction zones. Additionally, every year 56 worker-pedestrians are killed. 

When the deaths are broken down by victim, 62% were the driver of a vehicle. Pedestrians and passengers in motor vehicles both made up 18% of fatalities. 

Texas alone had 330 deaths in construction zones in 2020. So what can be done to help stay safe?

The single biggest thing you can do is keep your eyes on the road. Many people are tempted to look at the construction equipment and forget to watch the other cars sharing the road. 

You should also obey all instructions on the road. The posted limits will help keep you safe. Try to give other cars a bit more space as well. If you have more room, you may be able to stop in time to avoid joining a wreck.

Have You Been Injured in a Construction Zone Accident? Ramos James Law, PLLC, Can Help You

Being involved in an accident can be scary. Multi-vehicle crashes can cause more property damages and injuries than other accidents.

Ramos James Law, PLLC, has the experience to get your case the results it deserves. We offer free consultations, so you can learn more about your legal options.

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Source: KXAN