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When It Rains, It Pours: 3 Tips for Driving in The Rain in Austin

by lauraramos | February 20th, 2019 | Car Accident Guides, General

Driving in the rain requires a little more skill than does doing it on a dry, sunny and 75 degree day. Check out your personal injury lawyer’s tips whenever you drive in the rain:

1. Turn On Your Lights

As soon as you get in your car and notice that there is bad weather out, turn on your lights. Bad weather is known for leading to poor visibility. Turning your lights on will help you see better but it will also help other drivers see you. Turning on your lights will also help you avoid hazards on the road that you might have missed because of the rain.

2. Slow Down

When it rains, the surface of roads and freeways tends to become very slick, causing cars to hydroplane. The reason for that is because there’s a lot of oil on the road. Hydroplaning can cause you to lose control of your car despite being a skilled driver, and get you involved in an auto accident.

Driving slowly makes you less likely to hydroplane on the water or oil.

3. Create Space

Heavy traffic always makes it tempting to drive as close to other cars as possible. But that’s a dangerous habit, even in good weather. In the rain, driving too close can be deadly, as well as lead you to get a traffic ticket.

Give the vehicles around you plenty of space. Rain and slick roads slow braking time, so give yourself an extra two or three seconds of following time so you have time to slow down.

Slowing down, driving with your lights on, and creating space on the road will help you drive defensively and avoid causing an accident.

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