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What Are the Leading Causes of Truck Accidents?

by lauraramos | February 21st, 2022 | Car Accident Guides, Truck Accidents

Accidents, in general, are frightening and stressful, but accidents involving trucks can be more traumatic because of their size and the damage they can cause. Truck accidents are more likely to have severe consequences. 

Truck accidents are responsible for approximately 4,000 deaths a year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Sadly, there has been a nearly 31 percent increase in deaths involving commercial trucks since 2009. 

Being informed on the leading reasons why truck accidents occur can help you and your families stay safe on the road. Learn more from your Austin car and truck accident attorneys at Ramos James Law, PLLC. 

Common Reasons for Truck Accidents 

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day. While they may be inevitable, sometimes they can be prevented. 

Some of the main causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver Mistakes – Although most drivers are guilty of making minor mistakes on the roadway, drivers who are maneuvering commercial trucks can cause more damage than those in a passenger vehicle. These serious errors can include:
    • Driving while fatigued 
    • Neglecting blind spots 
    • Using a cellphone while driving 
    • Distracted while driving
    • Inexperience in certain driving situations
    • Neglecting traffic rules 
    • Using poor judgment
  • Employer Carelessness – Commercial trucking companies are responsible for maintaining their vehicles, making repairs if necessary, and documenting inspections of the vehicles. Companies may be responsible for an accident if:
    • They don’t properly train their drivers 
    • They put too much pressure on drivers to meet deadlines
    • They neglect or fail to adequately inspect vehicles 
    • They refrain from repairing a damaged vehicle 
  • Manufacture Errors – Sometimes trucks or truck parts can be defective. A defective truck can cause catastrophic accidents if driven on the road. Manufacturers may be held accountable if:
    • Tires are faulty
    • Suspension is defective 
    • Problems occur with steering
    • Brakes malfunction
  • Substance Use – Drinking and driving usually have tragic outcomes. Unfortunately, some drivers use substances to keep themselves awake or calm, especially if working for an employer who expects workers to meet deadlines in unrealistic times. 
  • Cargo Errors – Cargo trucks have size regulations to follow, especially if carrying hazardous materials. The already immense trucks may accidentally be overloaded, causing them to be heavier and more difficult to maneuver.

Austin Truck Accident Attorneys Are Here to Assist and Guide You

Being involved in a truck accident can be traumatizing, and the aftermath can be overwhelming. With your Austin truck accident attorney, you will be assisted and guided on what steps to take afterward. 

If you or a family member have fallen victim to a truck accident, we suggest you contact your Austin truck accident attorneys at Ramos James Law as soon as possible to help you start your personal injury claim.

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