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Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Driving

by lauraramos | October 9th, 2021 | Car Accident Guides, Driving tips

Accidents can happen for any number of reasons, and when they do occur, the aftermath can be something you’ve never experienced. While car wrecks happen every day, they are preventable and there are means by which you can stay vigilant and safe while on the road. 

Your Austin car accident lawyers at Ramos James Law are familiar with the repercussions of an accident, and so we want to share with you the five most common mistakes drivers make and how you can avoid them. 


Mistakes to Avoid When Driving

1. Distracted Driving

It is so easy to be distracted nowadays while you’re driving. You may be tempted to answer a text or even reach over for the fast food meal you just picked up. Whatever it may be, a distracted driver can easily cause a catastrophic car accident.

What to do?

If you need to use your cell phone while behind the wheel, it is best to pull over to a parking lot and do so safely. Also, inform friends and family that you will not respond while driving to let them know that you are taking your well-being seriously. Additionally, avoid behaviors such as eating or changing radio stations when traveling.

2. Impatience and Aggressiveness

There are more people on the road than ever before, and heavy traffic or even stopped traffic can lead you to become impatient and aggressive when behind the wheel. When this occurs, you can easily make a mistake and create an unsafe environment for other drivers. 

What to Do?

To combat frustration when driving, remember to take deep breaths, stay calm, and try your best to be patient. Be aware that you are not the only one in the situation and that the other drivers on the road are just as eager to get to their destination. It is best to take your time and be safe on the road than rush and endanger your life, along with others. 

3. Trying to “Beat” Yellow or Red Lights

When we are in a rush, it is easy for us to try and beat yellow lights by speeding up before they turn red. However, this type of behavior can lead to you running red lights and causing a serious accident. 

What to Do?

The purpose of a yellow light is to let you know that you need to slow down and be prepared to stop. Even though you may be tempted to beat the light, always follow traffic laws accordingly. You can save a life!

4. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is another most common mistake many drivers make. It is extremely dangerous for yourself and others when you are driving under the influence of alcohol or some other substance. While this is clearly preventable behavior, every year more than 10,000 individuals lose their lives as a result of a drunk driver. 

What to Do?

If you plan on drinking, have a designated driver or use Uber or Lyft services to get back home.

5. Drowsy Driving

Driving while tired is also a common mistake many make. Many believe that they can get to where they need to be if they can stay awake just a little while longer. Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  

What to Do? 

If you are falling asleep at the wheel, do not fight it. You can always find a safe place on the side of the road or at a gas station to sleep. You can always find a hotel and get a good night’s sleep if you are really tired. It is better to be rested and clear-headed than to be traveling and fall asleep behind the wheel. 


Austin Car Accident Attorneys Here for You

It is better to stay safe and take the necessary precautions while on the road to minimize the potential of getting involved in an accident.

Still, accidents can happen. And that’s why Ramos James Law is here to help. If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, do not hesitate to reach out to our Austin car accident attorneys. 

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