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Tips You Need to Know When Driving Through a Flood

by lauraramos | July 15th, 2021 | Car Accident Guides, Driving tips

Whether you’re dealing with a severe thunderstorm or hurricane, heavy flooding can make driving especially dangerous. From unseen obstacles to flowing waters that can sweep your car away, there are plenty of dangers that come with flooded streets.

According to the First Street Foundation, at least 14.6 million properties in the United States are located in a “100-year flood zone.” Even more worrisome, the frequency of flooding is increasing and is projected to increase due to the effects of climate change in the coming years.

As a result of recent rains and flooding that we’ve seen throughout Texas, the Austin car accident attorneys at Ramos James Law, PLLC, would like to share a few tips to help keep you safe when driving in heavy rain.

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Driving Through Flooded Roads

Here are a couple of tips you need to know when driving through a flooded area, according to the Texas Department of Transportation:

  1. Turn Around, Don’t Drown
    In the last 3 years, more than 100 people have died annually because of flooding. It is safer to avoid all heavily flooded areas and wait for the water to subside rather than risk your life or the lives of loved ones.
    If you absolutely need to drive and go through certain roads, stay cautious and be aware of the dangers present.
  2. Do Not Walk, Swim, or Drive in Flooded Areas
    Do not walk, swim, or drive in flooded areas due to the uncertainty of what hazardous materials can be found in the water. The water carries dangers such as tree branches, debris, and even power lines. Electricity and water can easily lead to a fatality.
  3. Be Cautious at Night
    With daylight gone, visibility at night decreases substantially. Driving through flooded areas is not advised because dangers increase at night as visibility lessens. It is better to find an alternate route or turn around.
  4. If Your Car Stalls in Deep Water, Leave It
    When in deep waters and your car stalls, leave your car and move to higher ground.

Austin Car Accident Attorneys Ready To Help You When You Need It Most!

From hurricane season in the Rio Grande Valley to seasonal rains in Central Texas, flooding is inevitable, whether you’re in Austin, McAllen, or Edinburg. Even when you try your best to stay safe, accidents can occur, especially when interstates and roads lack proper drainage, have weak road design, construction, or maintenance.

In heavy rain and flooded streets, a major car accident can easily occur and lead to catastrophic injuries or even death. Victims of such incidents may be able to take legal action against the liable parties responsible for their injuries and damages.

If you or a loved one have gone through a major car accident due to flooding, reach out to Ramos James Law today for a free consultation. We will work hard to provide you with the justice you deserve.

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