Drunk Driver Injures Paramedic in Austin

November 6th, 2018

The dangers of drunk driving were on full display in late October in Austin.

On October 26th, at 1:11 a.m., multiple drunk drivers caused a bizarre, but serious, accident. It all began when two police officers pulled over a suspected drunk driver on North MoPac Expressway.

While police were handling the first suspected drunk driver, another suspected drunk driver crashed into their vehicle. As a result, an Austin-Travis County EMS crew arrived at the scene. At this point, a third drunk driver struck the ambulance.

This resulted in two individuals, including a paramedic, being injured and taken to a local hospital.

All three drunk drivers were arrested.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is truly one of the most dangerous actions that an individual can take. Intoxicated drivers put innocent lives – and their own – in grave danger. Catastrophic injuries, substantial property damages, and even fatalities can occur as a result of a drunk driving accident.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving offers some alarming statistics about drunk driving:

  • 800 individuals are injured each day by drunk drivers.
  • One person is injured by a drunk driver every two minutes.
  • In the U.S., 29 people die each day from drunk driving.
  • Over half of all driving fatalities occur because of alcohol.
  • The total damages and injuries from drunk driving cost the U.S. $132 billion every single year.

Sadly, in Texas, someone is injured or killed in a car accident involving alcohol every 20 minutes. Additionally:

  • In 2016, 987 individuals lost their lives in a DUI accident in Texas.
  • Austin was in the top five cities with the highest number of crashes in 2016.
  • The majority of DUI crashes occur between 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.
  • More than 99,000 people were arrested for DUI in Texas in 2015.

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Source: KXAN

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