Crane Accident Leaves 22 People Injured in Austin

September 22nd, 2020

According to Austin Police, 22 people were injured and 16 were hospitalized after a crane collision last Wednesday afternoon.

Details of the Accident

Initially, the accident was reported to have been a crane collapse; however, officials later revealed that the accident was actually the result of collision between two cranes on a construction site.

Austin Travis-County EMS said that the accident occurred in the 1600 block of Robert Browning Street, in the Mueller development. They evaluated 20 people, with 16 taken to the hospital and three were considered “no patients” because they refused transport. All involved were working at the construction site, and most of the injuries happened as workers were leaving the job site.

According to KVUW, the injured workers were taken to various local hospitals all across Austin. No worker died because of the crane collision; however, one person did suffer a serious injury, while the other workers suffered preliminary minor injuries, according to KVUW.

Crane Accidents Facts and Statistics

    • Between 2011 and 2017,Texas led the nation in fatal occupational injuries (50) due to cranes, more than the next three states combined (16 in Florida, 16 in New York, and 14 in California).
    • There has only been one fatal accident involving a crane in 2020, five in 2019, and 13 in 2018, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that construction accidents are among the 10 most hazardous occupations with regards to injury are in these fields:

    • Health care and social assistance (544,800 workplace injuries and 32,700 workplace illnesses)
    • Retail trade (401,100 workplace injuries and 8,800 workplace illnesses)
    • Manufacturing (395,300 workplace injuries and 35,000 workplace illnesses)
    • Accommodation and food services (271,000 workplace injuries and 7,600 workplace illnesses)
    • Transportation and warehousing (213,100 workplace injuries and 8,300 workplace illnesses)
    • Construction (195,600 workplace injuries and 3,600 workplace illnesses)
    • Wholesale trade (157,100 workplace injuries and 3,700 workplace illnesses)
    • Administrative and waste services (112,800 workplace injuries and 5,800 workplace illnesses)
    • Other services (except public administration) (70,800 workplace injuries and 1,900 workplace illnesses)
    • Professional and technical services (66,100 workplace injuries and 4,400 workplace illnesses)

These kind of construction accidents often inflict serious injuries such as:

    • Broken or crushed bones
    • Traumatic head injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Struck-by object injuries
    • Electrocutions from contact with power lines
    • Wrongful death

What Workers and Bystanders Should Do If They Have Been Injured in a Crane Accident

It’s important to find legal consultation if you have been injured in a crane accident because these negotiations can prove difficult, especially in severe accidents. In Texas, employers are not required to have worker’s compensation insurance, so without knowing what you’re advocating for, you severely limit your opportunity to recoup the financial compensation needed for injuries you sustained because of a construction accident.

For bystanders, it is up to these construction companies to ensure that their sites are not only safe for their workers, but that they are also safe for anyone else that may be within the proximity. If you were harmed because a construction company acted negligently, your voice needs to be heard as well.

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Source: KVUW

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