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Austin Work Injury Lawyer Shares the Leading Causes of Workplace Accidents

by lauraramos | July 15th, 2022 | Accidents, Car Accident Guides

Workplace injuries can happen quickly and range from minor to life-altering, resulting in the loss of income or even the loss of your job. 

The workplace injury lawyers in Austin at Ramos James Law, PLLC,  have seen it all and are here to teach you about the causes of these accidents and how to avoid them.

The Leading Causes of Workplace Accidents

The vast majority of workplace accidents are avoidable when safety regulations are properly followed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and incidents occur that can lead to serious injuries: 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Unstable footing is one of the leading causes of accidents and can happen because of improper flooring, inattention, or neglect. If a wet floor isn’t marked, it can lead to a slip and fall accident. In many workplaces, this can lead straight to the emergency room.

All workers need appropriate shoes and safety gear to help prevent these types of injuries. Uneven flooring will need to be fixed and spills cleaned up immediately.


Overexertion is another major cause of workplace injuries and can be the result of long shifts. Overexertion can also occur due to heavy lifting without appropriate equipment.    

Weather can also be a cause of exertion when individuals are working in extremely hot or cold weather. High temperatures can cause heat exhaustion while hypothermia can occur during the winter.

Bodily Reactions

Bodily reactions can include allergies or exposure to industrial chemicals. Some materials used in the workplace are dangerous without proper safety equipment, including heavy acids or industrial cleaners that can cause damage within a short time on exposed skin. Additionally, liquids that are being moved have a risk of splashing if the container is not sealed.

Alongside chemicals, many industrial processes include dangerous fumes or airborne particles. Any materials or chemicals that produce fumes will need the proper equipment.

Contact With Objects and Equipment

Contact with objects and equipment can range from minor accidents to life-altering incidents. Equipment failure, safety equipment that isn’t maintained, and improper safety precautions can have devastating effects on individuals.

How To Prevent Injuries According to a Workplace Injury Attorney

The workplace can be a dangerous place between heavy equipment and hazardous materials. The best way to keep safe is to follow simple precautions that include:

  • Wear proper safety equipment and clothing: All safety equipment should be appropriate for the work needed. Any damaged equipment should be replaced immediately. Using non-slip shoes and steel toes help keep feet safe. Additionally, never wear loose clothing when around machinery.
  • Use safety mechanisms: Heavy equipment and machines include emergency off switches or other mechanisms to prevent injuries. Using these in emergencies is essential to keep workers safe.
  • Use proper lifting equipment: Lifting heavy weights can cause injuries so it’s essential to follow proper lifting techniques and to use the right equipment for heavier loads. Always follow that recommendation.
  • Stay alert: When you’re tired, your reaction time goes down. You may not notice a dangerous situation until it is too late. Make sure to get plenty of rest in your downtime. 
  • Pay attention to the weather: When working in turbulent weather, wear appropriate clothing. Additionally, stay hydrated and take breaks in the heat, while in cold weather, make sure your clothing stays dry and avoid working up a sweat. Wet fabric will sap your body heat.

Being aware of risks is the first step to avoiding a workplace injury. Keep these in mind and teach others as well.

If you or someone you know has suffered a workplace-related injury, there is help. Contact your Austin work injury lawyer at Ramos James Law, PLLC, to learn about the next steps.

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